Relish in the comfort of flawless coverage with our extraordinary Corrector.

Engineered with an oil-free blend, this product offers broad coverage that perfectly synchronizes with your skin tone without showing any fine lines or excess residue.

Use it in tandem with other makeup or alone; it delivers full-coverage, bestowing an au naturel makeup-free appearance. Perfect for all skin types, the formula is fortified with vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts for the complete protection that your skin deserves.

Its broad-spectrum-protection does wonders by itself, giving you the freedom from applying additional products.

Our vegan & cruelty-free creation is dressed in yellow formula for concealing purple or darker spots on olive or tan skin, while the lilac formula debunks yellow tones and sallowness.

The mint formula eases redness and broken capillaries on all skin types, and the perfect orange formula disguises darkness, dullness, and blue veins, especially in fair skin. Cherish also the burnt orange corrector tuned to diffuse irregular dark spots in darker skin tones.